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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

Fun Paint Ideas For Your Baby's Nursery

by Jason Shelton

If you are a crafty mama or papa, you probably have big plans to decorate your new little one's nursery. There are so many different themes to choose from, it's hard to know where to get started. The most important aspect of your decorative theme, is the color that you choose to paint the walls. And there are lots of ways to get creative using paint from your local paint supply store. Here are a few ideas that can easily be integrated into your baby's nursery.  

Night Sky

A celestial paint job can work well for many different nursery themes. Painting just the ceiling of the nursery navy blue interspersed with white constellations, will look beautiful. To paint the constellations, get a small artist's paint brush with a fine point. Reference star charts from books or the internet. Or invent your own constellations in the shapes of stuffed animals. This look pairs nicely with light sky blue walls, with or without fluffy clouds painted on.

Pin Stripes

This is a sophisticated but cute look for a girl or a boy. Pick a pastel paint in mint green, butter yellow, rose pink, or sky blue. Then choose a paint in cream that compliments the first color. Pick up some blue painter's tape in the width that you desire your stripes to be. Measure out the same amount of space as the painter's tape, starting from one corner. Make stripes out of the painter's tape and the blank wall space. Next, paint the blank spaces with your pastel color. After that color dries, pull up the first layer of painter's tape. Then put painter's tape over the pastel stripes. Paint the cream color in the blank wall stripes. After that color dries, pull up the tape. Paint the ceiling in either cream or the same pastel color.

Faux Texture

There are many different textures that can be simulated with paint. Some textures that work well for a nursery are:

Metal Patina

This works because the patina look consists of sea green and neutrals. First put down a layer of sea green. After the first layer has dried, take a rough painter's brush and dip the brush into a light rust colored paint. Lightly drag the brush over the first layer. After that layer dries, take a sea sponge and dip it into the light rust color.

Finishes that mimic nature

Some of the best textures bring the look of nature inside. Your baby's nursery will look natural and eco-friendly with a wall that looks like rocks or tree bark. You can apply plaster so that it looks like a texture found in nature. After the plaster dries, paint over it to resemble a forest or a creel bed.

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