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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

2 Creative Visual Ways to Enhance a Bullet Journal Planner

by Jason Shelton

The Bullet Journal planning system seeks to combine traditional day planners with scrapbooking and dream boards for an end result that looks towards the past, present, and future. The system is built around a bulleted table of contents at the front of the book that you update as you move along. The adaptable table means that you can make each individual page suit your needs for that day, month, or moment. Using colored pens and decorative elements like flat washi tape or stickers can both help keep you organized and make your journal a pleasure to open each day.

If you are looking for inspiration to make your journal even more visually appealing, here are a few creative do-it-yourself ways you can upgrade your Bullet Journal.

Buy Decorative Ribbon

Washi tape is popular because it looks like decorative ribbon but has a flat surface against the paper, which keeps your pages from separating. But sometimes texture is a great way to highlight certain areas of a page or certain pages for posterity. In these cases, actual decorative ribbon would prove a great addition to your journal.

Use glue to adhere small sections of ribbon in place as a frame around an important event or memory. Cut a long strip of ribbon then glue it along the page edge at the spine as a sort of permanent bookmark that can help you easily find a page you plan to reference for months or years to come. You can essentially use the ribbon in any way you would the washi tape but the texture means that the ribbon will provide better highlighting and spotlighting capabilities.

Use Decorative Hole Punches

As the name suggests, hole punches are office supplies that allow you to stamp a hole through a piece of paper usually for the purpose of making round holes to put paper into a binder. But decorative hole punches exist that can stamp a variety of shapes into the pages of your journal for a minimalist decorative look. You can use a star puncher to accent notes about your hopes and dreams, for example, or a heart-shaped puncher to highlight date nights.

If you don't like the monochromatic look, you can also use the shaped puncher to cut shapes out of colored cardstock paper, wrapping paper, or any other material that the punch can push through. You can then glue those pieces into place within your journal, as desired, for a sort of customized sticker setup. 

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