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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

4 Types of Gold & Silver Buyers for Your Precious Metals

by Jason Shelton

Gold and silver are rare precious metals that have high economic value and are great for art, fine jewelry, coinage, and historical artifacts. These metals have been in demand for thousands of years. If you have gold or silver objects, you can sell them to many organizations, including the following: 

Jewelry Supply Companies

There are many jewelry suppliers that provide gemstone settings, chains, charms, components, findings, beads, ring shanks, stampings, and other incidental parts to individual jewelers who make hand-made jewelry. These jewelry suppliers will buy gold and silver from individuals to melt down and make more jewelry findings and supplies. These suppliers weigh your gold and silver, estimate the value of the metal, and pay you the current live spot price for each of the metals you wish to sell. This service can be done in person or by mail. Some jewelry supply companies will accept your gold and silver metal goods and give you a credit toward the purchase of their jewelry components and supplies. 

Jewelry Stores

Many jewelry stores will buy gold and silver from individuals. These jewelry stores also make their own jewelry with their own exclusive designs and gemstone settings. In order to buy your gold and silver, they will first examine and research each piece to establish its intrinsic value. Then they weigh each piece on a gram scale, chemically test it to verify the amount of precious metal in each piece, and pay you the current live spot price for each type of metal. Many jewelry stores will advertise this service with ads that state that they buy gold and silver. 

Coin Dealers and Coin Manufacturers

There are many numismatists and coin dealers that collect and make custom made coins. These coins are special creations made to commemorate an event or occasion for an individual or an organization. In order to make these creations, a coin dealer will create a wax design of a coin with an engraved picture and text on both sides. These wax coin designs are then cast with molten gold or silver and other metal alloys to make them a specific karat weight and quality. These coin manufacturers will buy your gold and silver, test it for quality, and pay you the current live spot price for your metals. 

Bullion Manufacturers and Dealers

There are bullion dealers that make and sell gold and silver bars, rounds, and coins for mints, metal distributors, and individual jewelry artists. These bullion dealers will weigh your metal goods, test your gold and silver to verify its quality, and buy your gold and/or silver according to the current live spot price for each metal.

It is best to have your gold and silver weighed and verified for quality by an independent jeweler or dealer before you attempt to sell it. Keep all of the same types of gold and silver together in separate packages as they have different values according to their quality. Know what you have before you contact a possible buyer for your metals. With due diligence and research, you can successfully sell your precious metals to jewelry suppliers, jewelry stores, jewelry manufacturers, and coin dealers, who will be more than happy to purchase your precious metals. 

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