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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

Shop For Sterling Silver Thimbles In These Locations

by Jason Shelton

If you enjoy the hobby of collecting and you're considering various ideas for a new collection, one idea that might appeal to you is acquiring an assortment of sterling silver thimbles. You may opt to collect these devices simply because of their appealing look, or you might have a personal connection — perhaps your grandparent was a seamstress or tailor and used a thimble daily for their work. Building a collection of thimbles can be a fun pursuit over time, especially because there are many creative ways to display these pieces in your home. Here are some places at which you can shop for thimbles.

Antique Stores

An antique store is a good place to start your quest for stainless steel thimbles. Many of these retailers — and particularly those that have a variety of items that relate to sewing — should have wide selections of thimbles. You may have a few antique stores in your community that you enjoy visiting, but it can also be fun to look for antique stores when you travel. Most cities have one or more of these retailers, and browsing different shops around your state and beyond may give you the ability to add to your thimble collection quickly.

Sewing Stores

Another place that you should look for sterling silver thimbles is your local sewing store. While you can expect to find new thimbles at this type of retailer, you may also be fortunate to find older products. This can especially be true if your local sewing store has a selection of used items. Employees at these retailers are sewing experts, and some may even have their own thimble collections. As such, you can expect to talk to someone who can provide some valuable information about the old thimbles that are available for sale.

Online Vendors

Hobby enthusiasts of all types use the internet to shop for pieces to add to their collections, so you'll definitely want to find a few online vendors that carry selections of sterling silver thimbles. You can find these thimbles on large auction sites, as well as websites that focus on sewing. It's best to buy from sellers who have posted several high-quality images of each thimble, as this will allow you to properly assess each piece before you spend money on it. Don't shy away from sending inquiries through the website to certain sellers if you need to learn more about a particular piece.

Keep these locations in mind as you look for sterling silver collectible thimbles