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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

Three Reasons To Choose A Clear Glass Praying Hands Figurine

by Jason Shelton

The addition of a few religious display pieces positioned in key areas around your home can provide feelings of comfort to you and your family, particularly during times that are challenging. If you're evaluating certain pieces in an effort to find the right one, you might come across a few examples of praying hands figurines. These display pieces are available in several sizes and generally feature a pair of hands that are pressed together in prayer. There are lots of different styles to consider, including hands that are made entirely of clear glass. Here are some reasons to choose a clear glass praying hands figurine.

Suitable For All Races

Your praying hands figurine can be a comfort to not only your family, but also to the guests who visit your home. You ideally want any religious display pieces to be relevant to people of all races who visit your home. If you were to choose praying hands with a particular skin tone, they might be a comfort for guests who have the same skin tone, but not as much for those with a different color of skin. The neutral look of clear glass makes this figurine suitable for all races.

A Good Fit In Any Room

Another reason to choose praying hands made of glass is that this figurine can be a good visual fit in every room. Its clear nature will suit virtually any surrounding elements. This isn't necessarily the case if you were to choose a different design. For example, while gold hands might have a certain visual quality to them, they might not be a good visual match in a room that doesn't feature any other gold hues. Choosing clear glass means that you'll be able to confidently display this figurine anywhere you want in your home.

Heavy In Weight

You may see a praying hands religious figurine made out of several different materials. If you're leaning toward choosing glass, you'll likely appreciate that this material results in the figurine being quite heavy. The heaviness is desirable because it's difficult to move. For example, if you have a cat that occasionally knocks objects over while climbing on tables or shelves, it might be able to inadvertently knock over your figurine if it were made of a lightweight material such as plastic — potentially causing it to break. The heavy weight of glass means that it will be difficult to knock over, lessening the risk of damage.