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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

3 Cool Crafts That Begin With Beeswax

by Jason Shelton

Try something new with some easy and fun craft projects that start with beeswax. Beeswax is a common ingredient of cosmetics and high-end candles, and practical to keep on hand for home uses, like moisturizing the skin and waxing wood floors. Since beeswax is edible, some culinary artists use it in confections and chocolates, too, for an exceptional shiny appearance. So, what else can you do with beeswax? 

Three cool craft projects that begin with beeswax are below.

1. Lip Balm

The first thing that you can do with beeswax is to make your own handcrafted lip balm. Making lip balm from beeswax involves melting the wax with coconut oil and letting it harden in a small vessel or tube. Beeswax pellets work well for this project as they melt easily in a microwave oven in short intervals; add a couple of drops of your favorite food-safe essential oils for scent, if you wish.  

Pour the melted mixture into tubes, canisters, or containers to harden. Create a cute label and gift these during the holidays! The beeswax is nourishing and feels lovely on the lips, though it also can be used to soften rough patches of skin.  

2. Wax Seals

The next cool craft project using beeswax is wax sealing. This is typically done with tiny beeswax taper candles that are lit, melted, and dripped wherever you want your seal. When you have dripped enough wax where you like, gently but firmly press the seal into the wax. These seals are widely available online. This is a great touch for invitations, letters, and correspondence—plus, it is a lot of fun to do! 

3. Colorful Crayons

To make DIY crayons from beeswax, you will need a couple of additional ingredients. Combine melted beeswax with carnauba wax and cocoa butter; the melted wax should produce enough heat to melt the carnauba and cocoa butter easily. Add pigment and pour into a silicone crayon mold- or ice cube tray- until hardened. These are wonderful, eco-friendly treats for kids! 

Remember to keep a block of beeswax near the sewing machine or your crochet bag to help the thread and needles glide easier. Plus, you can rub a little beeswax on stubborn zippers to help them work smoothly without catching.  

Beeswax is a true multi-functional material that belongs in the home. Try these three easy projects from beeswax that you buy from local harvesters or online, from ethical sources and sellers. From making your own crayons for Christmas to wax-sealing special invitations, there is a lot that you can do with beeswax! Try it for yourself!