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Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

Hello, my name is Eliza, and I'm very excited to share my craft and hobby blog with you. I've always had an interest in creating unique crafting projects, and I teach craft classes two nights a week at our local civic center. Every person at any age can benefit from reading my blog. If you've never done any kind of crafting before and you want to learn, you'll find a ton of great crafts for a beginner. If you've been making crafts for a long time and you're looking for some new project ideas, you'll also find something of interest in my blog. I hope you have fun reading about these wonderful craft and hobby ideas, and that you'll also share the enjoyment of crafts with others.




Craft Projects And Ideas For Every Age Group

    4 Types of Gold & Silver Buyers for Your Precious Metals

    Gold and silver are rare precious metals that have high economic value and are great for art, fine jewelry, coinage, and historical artifacts. These metals have been in demand for thousands of years. If you have gold or silver objects, you can sell them to many organizations, including the following:  Jewelry Supply Companies:  There are many jewelry suppliers that provide gemstone settings, chains, charms, components, findings, beads, ring shanks, stampings, and other incidental parts to individual jewelers who make hand-made jewelry.

    2 Reasons to Purchase Speciality Sewing Threads If You Sew Often

    If you are someone who enjoys sewing quite a bit, then you are likely doing different sewing projects all of the time. Having the proper equipment is crucial to being successful at sewing. Some things that you are going to need to have on hand if you sew quite a bit are specialty sewing threads. These threads are beneficial because each thread is created for a specific purpose. This article will discuss two reasons to purchase specialty threads if you sew often.

    2 Creative Visual Ways to Enhance a Bullet Journal Planner

    The Bullet Journal planning system seeks to combine traditional day planners with scrapbooking and dream boards for an end result that looks towards the past, present, and future. The system is built around a bulleted table of contents at the front of the book that you update as you move along. The adaptable table means that you can make each individual page suit your needs for that day, month, or moment.

    Fun Paint Ideas For Your Baby's Nursery

    If you are a crafty mama or papa, you probably have big plans to decorate your new little one's nursery. There are so many different themes to choose from, it's hard to know where to get started. The most important aspect of your decorative theme, is the color that you choose to paint the walls. And there are lots of ways to get creative using paint from your local paint supply store.